Social that tells your story

Good social media content tells the story of your organization. Think of your social media pages as a scrapbook. Through photos, events, videos, and comments, you show the world what you're all about.

If your social is an interactive billboard, you should make sure it's covered in engaging content that piques interest and sparks conversation and that you're posting regularly, 2-3 times per week minimum.

Big3 Media helps you with your social

We can help you with your social presence by helping you create amazing content that reflects your brand and tells your story. Furthermore, we help you maintain the consistency required to build a following. This stuff takes time, so allow us to lend a hand while you focus on your mission.

We'll help with:

COPYWRITING: A huge part of creating engaging content is deciding what to say. We will make it our mission to get to know your audience and what kinds of words and phrases reach them best and spur them on to action. We take spelling and grammar very seriously, so you can be sure that your organization is always putting its best face forward. We'll help create a recognizable voice for your organization that will resonate with your audience.
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Don't just make simple text posts; liven things up with branded graphics. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.
INTERACTIONS WITH FANS & CUSTOMERS: Some of our plans include a full management of your social presence, including answering messages from customers and interacting with fans who engage with your posts. Just one more step towards developing your voice.
ADVERTISING: We will help you decide which posts you should put a little money behind to get extra views and attract new followers. We will also monitor the campaign and analyze the results, helping you determine if your ad had the intended effect and how to improve it in the future.

Plans start at just $200 per month!