Do you care about your reputation?

You should. Ask yourself the following questions:

How many reviews do I have?
How many reviews do my competitors have?
How do our average ratings compare?
What review platforms are the most important for my industry?
If you can't answer these questions, then you aren't properly monitoring your online reputation. The Internet is the number one place that consumers find new businesses. They will look at your reviews, positive and negative, and decide what those stories say about your business before they make a purchase decision. 

Why you should respond to every review

Responding to reviews is of vital importance. In the mind of the consumer, it separates the companies that really care about their product and service and those who don't care about customer satisfaction. Responding to reviews is a signal that you care about feedback. It shows that you are constantly looking for ways to improve, and look for input from the people who matter most: your customers.

When you leave a negative review unanswered, you are missing a huge opportunity to tell your side of the story. By responding, you can details about any circumstances that were outside of your control, clear up confusion, and most of all, issue an apology in a public forum.
Leaving a positive review unanswered is also a huge missed opportunity. Commenting on a positive review is an amazing way to show that you value good customers. It is also an opportunity to invite that customer back to your business and let them know about specials hat may interest them.

Either way, it's a great way to stand out from the crowd and maintain a positive image for your company.

Gaining information from reviews

Being aware of your customer reviews will help you identify problems and come up with solutions. Making it a point to read and respond to every last one will keep you informed about how customers are reacting to your products, services and staff. Over time, you will begin to identify trends that you can act on.

Reviews help you get the scoop on what customers think about your business. If you aren't reading them all, you could be missing out on essential information.

Hiring Big3 Media to manage your reviews

For a small business, staying on top of all of this can be time-consuming and is likely to get lost in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day operations. When you hire us to manage your reputation, we keep an eye on your reputation for you. 
You can count on:

★ Response times of 72 hours or less for positive reviews
★ Response times of 24 hours or less to negative reviews
★ Crisis alerts when negative reviews come in, and back-and-forth consulting with your team to help identify the proper response
★ Weekly or monthly review reports that let you know how you are doing
★ Updates on trends that appear that can result in actionable information for you​

Let us worry about your reputation. You just keep up the good work.​

$ How much does reputation management cost? $

Reputation management services are billed monthly, and start as low as $150 per month.

We also offer pay-by-review plans, where you are billed according to volume at the end of each month.

Please call 352-247-0695 for a quote.

Learn about online reputation with a live consultation

For one low price, we will come out to your business and teach you how to manage your online reputation.

In this consultation, you will learn:

★ How to ask for reviews
★ How to incentivize customers to leave reviews
★ How to avoid unethical practices
★ How your company stacks up to the competition
★ What customers are saying about you right now

The consultation session lasts about one hour and includes a Q&A where your team can fill in any gaps in their understanding.

Consultation sessions start at $200. Call 352-247-0695 today to book!